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Customs Clearance

A full service is offered by air, sea and surface and delivery can be organized in over 100 countries, we have established excellent contacts with seaport and air port and have no problem whatsoever in clearing your cargo.

Freight Forwarding

We offer reliable and speedy delivery of your consignment to many countries regardless of the volume and size, we arrange Air to air or sea to air transshipment facilities to meet your requirements. Western logistics has a worldwide network, which will arrange door-to-door delivery.

Fair and Exhibition

We are well experienced in handling cargo for fairs and exhibitions. We organize for importation of exhibit products by sea or air from country of exhibitors, customs clearance, transportation to exhibition sites, re-packing of the unsold and re-exportation to the country of origin.


We provide fast and safe surface transportation to all destinations in East Africa, New Sudan and eastern democratic republic of Congo. Our strength in transport is derived from our reliable partners Roadtainers Mombasa Ltd who own a fleet i.e. low beds, extended trailers and multi-axle trailers. We play a leading role in the transport industry by providing tailor made service for each customers individual needs, strict scheduled departure and arrival times and favorable freight rates

Packing and Removals

We have a professional team of packers dedicated for packing and removal jobs such as office furniture, bank vaults, warehouse racks, industrial packing, and container lashing door to door relocations, personal effects and household goods.
All our pre-pack surveys are conducted free of charge. At western logistics we believe that packing is an art and that’s how we approach any removal tasks.

Project Cargo Movement

Project companies come in for a purpose, import heavy equipments, procedure, construct handover and either look for new projects or depart. We at western logistics play leading role, outlining and taking the time to ensure that there are no hiccups and that the project starts on time and does not delay due to delays in customs clearance, transportation and smaller bits.

Air Craft Charters (Full or Part)

We can arrange for use of either an entire aircraft capacity or apportion of the capacity based on and tailored to your logistic needs. Use our connections to your advantage for your time critical shipment. Faster than us is probably the wind.